Bikering™ Anti-Theft Alarm Bike Lock
Bikering™ Anti-Theft Alarm Bike Lock
Bikering™ Anti-Theft Alarm Bike Lock
Bikering™ Anti-Theft Alarm Bike Lock
Bikering™ Anti-Theft Alarm Bike Lock
Bikering™ Anti-Theft Alarm Bike Lock

Bikering™ Anti-Theft Alarm Bike Lock

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How our Bikering™ Anti-Theft Alarm Bike Lock keeps your bike secured!

Motorcycle's part are getting more and more valuable as many burglars steal bike part and sell them at high price. We bikers would definitely wants to prevent such incident from happening to our bikes.

 Bikering™ Anti-Theft Bike Lock is here to save your day!!! With just a slightly touch, our bike lock will ring for your acknowledge of something is happening to your bike.



Our Bikering™ Anti-Theft Bike Lock comes with waterproof function, keep working in rainy days and no rusty. 


Strong and Durable

High-quality alloy steel body is strong and durable, Rugged disc locks are hardened to resist cutting, sawing and chisel attacks, High-security anti-drill lock core



  • Make Thieves‘Lost’: Bikering™ Anti-Theft Bike Lock is a practical solution for bikers to protect their beloved motorbikes or bikes while parking outside or at home. The bike lock up to 110-decibel alarm will automatically activate upon sensing any vibration or shock, keeps your belongings safe and sound.

  • Easy to Notice: The 6mm Pin Brake Disc Wheel Security Lock enclosed 2m/6ft disc lock reminder cable which is designed to attach to the brake or clutch lever and locked disc lock when you leave your motorcycle or bikes. Reminds you to remove the lock, and prevent potential damage caused by riding away while the disc lock is engaged. easy to lock with the one-press operation, immediately The lock goes into alarm mode and you'll hear a "beep" sound. When detects a vibration, It has a warning triple "be

  • Strong and Durable: This brake lock is constructed with forged stainless steel and is secured with a 14mm double-locking, carbide-reinforced hardened-steel locking pin. The disc wheel lock with waterproof function, keep working on rainy days and never get rusty.

  • Long Life Use: Each Motorcycle lock is pre-fitted with 6 LR44 batteries and an extra 6 pcs batteries, and 3 pcs brass security keys. To replace the battery, you can use the mini wrench to remove the 4 screws at the bottom, then change the battery inside.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews

    This disc lock is very easy to install and remove from my bike. The reminder cable that attaches from the lock to some portion of the bike is handy for both letting you know that the disc alarm has been installed and set as well as a reminder of not to drive away with it still attached to the brake disc on the bike. If the alarm is activated, it is loud enough to alert passers by of a possible theft situation. I am using this lock on my ebike as an additional protection to a thick U lock. It gives me one more level of peace of mind.


    The packaging was adequate and everything was in good condition. The lock itself appears very well made and had no cosmetic blemishes.I was surprised to find 3 keys that were laser cut. Much better quality than I expected.A second battery pack was included and I was not expecting that. Very nice!


    This lock is well built,solid,and incredibly loud.Comes in simple packaging,with VERY DETAILED instructions written on the back.


    This thing is sweet! Bought it for my brand new ninja 650 after I realized how simple it is to steal a bike compared to a car. I installed this for the first time in the evening after the sun had went down because obviously you don't want anyone seeing where you install the alarm before you cover your bike. Put it over my break disk as directed removed the key and pushed down the alarm mechanism and it beeped to acknowledge it was engaged. It was a little lop sided so I proceeded to move it a little and the dam thing went off. Scared the crap out of me as I panicked to insert the key and shut it off. Definitely works only worry I have is I hope on windy days my bike cover doesn't wiggle it and set it off while I'm at work.


    When I rode my motorcycle into Central America, my biggest concern wasn't the mules and bicycles in the freeways, but the theft. I wanted to sleep well knowing that the bike would sleep well too. I bought this not only for the disc lock, but for the loud loud noise. I was skeptical at the value and quality based on other reviews and the price, but I just went for it and purchased one. The lock was better quality than I had imagined, the sound was very loud, and it has some kind of tip/ vibration sensor that I was unaware of, but is very nice. It makes noise when someone not only touches the lock, but moves the bike. Overall this was great and dependable. I have not been through the first set of batteries yet, so I can't comment on how fast it uses them. If you are looking for a brake lock, pick this one up. Even if its not as heavy duty as some of the others out there, the noise it makes wont give a bandito time to find out how durable it is.